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Be as bright and loud as possible

Why Gofundme?

Media Ministry

Supporting myself through GoFundme allows me to build a ministry through my media on the internet without compromising the content with ads or sponsorships. Your donation allows for the content I create to be about Christ alone.

Church Staff

Along with my media ministry I’m also a part of a young church plant in Harrisburg, NC. As of now that church cannot afford my salary. Your donation will allow me to work for the church full time as a pastor on staff. Find out more about the church here.

Family Support

Right now as I’m pursuing my calling in ministry my wife works full time to support me in doing that. While she is blessed with a great job her dream has always been to be a stay at home mom. Your donation will allow me to support my family financially and set us up to move in the direction God has called us as a family.

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About Me

At times I can seem like a complicated person, but really I’m quite simple. You can sum me up in just four words: ChristianHusbandFather, and Pastor. I live my life in the Charlotte area of North Carolina with my beautiful wife and daughter and I have a second daughter on the way. In the last year I’ve gone all in on answering the call on my life to be a pastor and accepting it as my future. I love movies, mobile games, and comic books but above all I love the Gospel. Christ’s good news has changed my life and I’m hoping that I can spend my lifetime telling others about it so it will change theirs.


Coming Real Soon.

Contact me

Have you heard one of my podcasts and would like to for me to speak at an event? Or maybe you want advice on how to start a podcast, raise funds for your ministry, or build a website. Or maybe you need someone to pray with you. No matter what it is, I’d love to hear from you!

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