Making things that make Jesus known!

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About Me

I first felt the call to ministry in the 3rd grade. Since then a lot has happened. I grew up. I found the Lord. I became a husband and a father. I failed at a lot of things and even succeeded at some. Finally, I became a pastor. I'm not just your typical church media guy. I'm a pastor that believes that media is the future of how we are going to tell the world about Jesus.

The Things I do


Podcasts are an incredible way to get a message out to a lot of people. I believe that podcasting is one of the best way for us to share the gospel. I work to craft gospel centered content that helps people orient their lives around Jesus.


Sermons and public speaking are still one of the primary ways that people hear the gospel. We don't often see this a version of media or a creative process, but it is. Speaking is the original media in the church.

Church Media

Sermon graphics, announcements, videos and more are all ways that churches make the gospel known. Creating church media is more than just graphic design. It's a graphic way of pointing people to Jesus. 

Things I've said

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